Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ms Mouse

Everyone was knitting these little guys so I had to knit one also. I call her Ms Mouse. Don't you think she needs a pink tutu?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tessellating Fish

Tessellating fish quilt started in California. Finished in New Mexico. Donated to charity.

Brian's Quilt

Brian's quilt is foundation pieced using scraps from a tessellation quilt that I bought way to much fabric for. The colors are much more intense than the photos. He decided to hang it on his wall.


Saturday, July 2, 2011


Haven't made any jewelry for awhile so decided this 4th of July weekend I would make some necklaces from some of the beads collected on my travels. Two necklaces feature chevron beads and the other one is amber and hematite.

Red hearts, cinnabar, chevrons
3 different examples of amber, hematite
Note the coloring of the center amber bead
Red hearts, chevrons

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Aggie Scarf

Had some grey yarn so decided to knit Sydney an Aggie scarf. The pattern has large holes that I wove a maroon yarn through. Because Sydney is still in China I needed a model so enlisted Serena. I have determined Serena will not be one of the finalist on "Next Top Model". She was barely co-operative.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Sweater That Fits

At last a sweater that fits. It takes a lot of knitting to figure out what you are doing. This is a top down pattern made with Elesbeth Lavold Silky Wool. I used a # 5 needle and thought I would never finish it. My next project is a nice bulky weight that will go much faster.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sydney's Texas A & M T-shirt Quilt

T-shirt quilts are not my favorite quilt to make but the joy they generate in the grandchildren is worth the effort. I have my own version of making the quilt. I cut the motifs out as close to the design as possible, then add strips of different colors to make them a size that will make rows for sewing together. I am not too fussy about sizing just as long as the rows are parallel. Sometimes I sew two designs together if they are small. Because it is knit fabric I sew all the blocks on the serger to keep the fabric from stretching. Once all the blocks and rows are assembled  I place the top on a piece of fleece that has been pieced to fit. There is no other batting in the middle, just the two layers. I then tie the whole thing together at the junctions of the blocks. The fleece is then trimmed one inch larger than the top and folded over to make a binding. I use the multiple zig zag stitch to sew the binding down. The quilt has a very scrappy look when finished.

"By George" Challenge

Las Colcheras Quilt Guild has an annual President's Challenge. The challenge for 2010 was titled "By George".  The fabric for the challenge was designed by George Mendoza, a blind artist living in Las Cruces. The quilts were displayed at the Brannigan Center in Las Cruces. Because of a rare cold front that put the area in a state of emergency the opening reception was postponed by several days so I missed seeing all the quilts on display. I was at home battling frozen water pipes and waiting for a plumber. Ribbons were awarded but I did not receive a ribbon. However, I did receive a greater honor (in my opinion). Mine was one of the quilts chosen to travel around the US with the fabric manufacturer.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mogollon Flowers Quilt

This quilt started out as just a sample to play with log cabin blocks and color. When I assembled the blocks I got a cross that made me think of Easter. Then some time later I visited an old cemetery at Mogollon Ghost town. There was a wooden cross with rose like flowers cut from what looked like old tin cans. I decided to add a collage of flowers to my sample quilt using raw edge applique. One never knows where the creative process will end up.