Thursday, May 6, 2010

Using up the Stash

The fabric for this jacket has been in my stash forever and a trip was the inspiration to finally making it up. I had a larger piece of the rust and a smaller piece of the blue. The design was modified from a pattern from Green Pepper. A wedge was cut to insert at the side seam with the straight of grain sewn to the back and the bias side sewn to the front. The back insert piece is about 3 inches longer than the back for interest. The trim was cut on the bias and stitched with one seam. When washed it will fray and have some texture. Buttons were made from polymer clay as there were no buttons to be found in my remote area.

Expensive Scrap Project

This a very up scale "hoodie" made from scraps I bought from Carter Smith several years ago. I will be taking a workshop with him so felt I needed to do something with the scraps. Scraps were fused onto a very light weight fusible knit and then stitched at about one inch intervals to further secure. Fabric was then sewn as usual.

Color and Composition Exercises, continued

Still working on the color and design exercises.
Contour stitching and cutting

Line and shape exercises: These I like.