Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Drive Through Silver City, NM

It is impossible to drive through town and not see beauty from every angle. I had to run errands one day and took the camera to record what I see as I drive from one place to another. I took one route going and another coming home.

Heading down the driveway

Heading down the hill to Little Walnut

Approaching Little Walnut

Little Walnut


Sculpture by Michael Metcalf

Approaching 180 intersection

Now on 180

View on 180

Kneeling Nun in background

Still on 180

Just look at that traffic :)

Another great view on 180

Nearing Mis Amigos

View from Mis Amigos parking lot

Heading back to town on 180

View to the North

View from Walmart parking lot

Walmart cowboys

What was she thinking?

Leaving Walmart parking lot

Back on 180

Red roof in forground is WNMU


Heading up Swan

Now on Cain

Still on Cain

Bear Mountain from Cain St

Cain St

Still on Cain

Now on Little Walnut

Heading up the hill on Christian Flurry

Heading home

View to the East

Almost to Tom Lyons

On Tom Lyons and looking at Bear Mountain

Tom Lyons looking at Gomez peak

Heading up the drive

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